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Proprietors: Clare & Henry Hoche
Location: 50 Innisfree Drive, Glenville, NC 28736
Mailing: PO Box 715, Glenville, NC 28736
Reservations: (828) 743-2946 | General Info: (828) 399-1575
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Clare and Henry enjoy meeting their Innisfree guests.

INNS ClareHenryHoech4

Clare loves hiking and knows the trails.

INNS ClareHenryHoech2

Henry hikes and loves nature & photography.

INNS ClareHenryHoech3

Clare also loves to dance.

Henry's background has been 4 years in the Navy aboard the USS Iowa battleship; as a musician (percussion); television production and writing; real estate brokerage, property management, and real estate investing; Associate Professor in Communications and English Literature and now Innisfree Boutique Inn By-The-Lake.

Clare's background has been in real estate, parenting two wonderful and successful children, caring for a most appreciative husband, preparing delicious meals, teaching the world how to dance, and bringing joy, exuberance and love to wherever she goes.