The Inn & Garden House

The magic and romance of staying at Innisfree Bed & Breakfast By-the-Lake doesn’t end once you leave your room. The Inn features a a wide veranda with sweeping views of Lake Glenville, all surrounded by the lush greenery and color of our gardens.

The Parlor is a cozy area surrounded by a wide veranda with views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lake Glenville, and our Innisfree Gardens.

Watch from the sweeping veranda as the sun lowers upon the Blue Ridge Mountains and a cool mountain breeze gently passes by.

Within the octagonal dining room with a high celestial blue ceiling with soft misty clouds, hangs a rare and beautiful shimmering crystal chandelier, beneath which is a grand mahogany table for a special lunch or dinner for up to twelve.

The Garden House is home to some of our very nicest rooms situated perfectly on the grounds to maximize the lovely views of the gardens.

The covered Pavilion, with a panoramic view of the Innisfree Gardens and Blue Ridge Mountains, is the perfect setting for larger groups or a special place for just the two of you to get away by yourself.

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108 Innisfree Drive, Glenville, NC 28736